Italian Savour Peas

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You will immediately think, “Why make all an article just on peas? “ Peas are very verswatile food and as simple they may seem as difficult they are to cook. I will give you some suggestion based on the traditional Italian way of cook them). This little vegetables are full of fibre, proteins, mineral and vitamin B indispensable for our organism.

Some ingredients are needed to have perfect and flavourful beans:

  • Peas of course
  • Water
  • Salt and pepper
  • Oil
  • Sugar
  • Bacon

FIRST STEP The beans

Put your peas in a saucepan with a cup of water (depending on the quantity of peas) add some salt and pepper as you prefer.


The water will help to maintain the peas soft and not dry.


The sugar is our X ingredient in this receipt it helps the peas to maintain a flavour not so much aggressive and is really a true Italian trick. Two tea-spoon will be enough.


Take your bacon and cut it in little pieces that’s really a plus who will add texture to your peas.

MAKE ALL BOIL FOR 1h (low head)


1 hour can seem a lot of time but is essential to our peas to cook enough time, like that we are sure that they are not half-cooked overall in the centre of the vegetable.


During the week we are all in a rush so we need to prepare everything before but still, we don’t want to eat all the week the same thing. As I said this vegetable is versatile, there some example of what you can do them:

  • They can simply be use as side dish
  • We can make a cheese and peas pasta (of course spaghetti)
  • Some Cous Cous with chicken or even with fried fish pieces
  • Smashed they can become a puree
  • We can even make delicious soups

As you see once you prepared the peas, you will have a multitude of dishes arrangements.

In the future months we’ll see all of this recipe, don’t lose them stay tuned.

IMPORTANT Remember to send me your fabulous Italians peas at

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