The Intellectual Culinary Workout


We all know how important good sleeping in our rushing life is. A common saying taught us that is important to nourish the body and the mind. When I was little my mother was always really, busy with her work and of course with me.  Having some troubles in getting a sleep after all the day stresses she started to read. Growing up I started to understand how hard is to fit in all of the obligations we have. Is now well known that read before sleep is one of the activities who favourite the sleep. As said by Jayne Helfrick in her article “How reading before bedtime can help you sleep, dream and be better”: “ it’s a way to forget about the stress of the day without completely zone out of existence” (link at the end of the article).  It’s scientifically proved that turn off all of our hi-tech gadgets and read a good book is helpful for a good sleep. My mother technique cut off the romans because she found them too much demanding to read when tired. She started reading recipes of all kinds. The side of her bed after some months was full of marvellous cooking books with faveolus photos and tasty recipes.

The idea of enter in the bed and read beautiful recipes can be strategic.  Reading the recipes at night can give you the possibility to use your imagination and modify or create new recipes or it can give you the possibility to fil some lacks in your week menu.

Reading recipes and not romances is a choose that depends on the person. Is also interesting to read stories settled in a different country to understand a different culture and add the new knowledges to your daily recipes.

One example can be the famous culinary novel “The Pomegranate Soup: A Novel” by Marsha Mehran this novel (have a look at the end of the article), perfect choice for those who love good stories and cooking.

It’s an intellectual culinary workout who can enlarge your cooking experience.

Peru: The Cookbook by Gastón Acurio


 This fantastic recipes book is full of marvellous photos and good ideas.

Pomegranate Soup: A Novel by Marsha Mehran


Plunge in the universe of the three sisters Aminpour (from Iran) and their huge adventure in setting a new bakery shop in the middle of Ireland.

“How reading before bedtime can help you sleep, dream and be better” by Jayne Helfrick :

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