Balsamic glazed Beef



  • Beef
  • Balsamic glaze
  • Oil, salt, pepper
  • Chive

Some dishes may seem complicated when you see them at first. Than you, discover the tricks behind those amazing receipt.  I invented these balsamic glazed beef for some friends and believe me they were astonished of how simple is to prepare it.

FIRST STEP- Preparation of the beef

You do not need to search for the best butcher of the town to give you the most selected piece of beef. You can buy some normal beef filet at the supermarket.

Once you have your slides. Cut them in little pieces. In this way it’ll be more simple to dress your plate and also more cute

SECOND STEP- Cook the beef

All the meats have different cooking time, which also change with the taste of every person. If you know that some of your guests like it really cooked you can prepare another pan just for them and they will be really surprise and happy of your attention.

In the case of our beef, I propose 1 Minute of cooking with some oil,saltand pepper.


After one minute you can add your glaze directly all over your beef and cook it for 1 minute more à IMPORTANT: cook on a high flame

FOURTH STEP- Dress your plate

Put your little pieces of beef in the middle of your chosen dish and add with a circular movement some more glaze and some chive on top of it. I can assure your guest will be satisfied 😉


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