Hinitsa Bay Adventure


I travelled since an early age so it is something that I cannot live without.

This summer I travelled to Greece, one of the amazing and most popular destinations of this 2016 summer. Even if I visited most of the Greek Islands and Athens when I was little, I rediscovered this country with a “grown-up mind”.

This time I travelled to Hinitsa Bay near Porto Heli, apparently one of the most choose destinations of Greeks families from Athens.

We arrived at the International Athens Airport in the morning and travel to Porto Heli by bus. Even if the journey was quite long , 4 hours, we had the opportunity to have a break right next to the Corinth Canal.IMG_20160721_212944

The Corinth Canal is a gorgeous place, built between 1881 and 1893, is still used to travel from the Gulf of Corinth to the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea. Luckily, one sailing ship passed just in the moment we were taking photos, it was magical.

For the most adventurous you there is the opportunity to do some Bungee Jumping from the bridges of the Canal, sadly or happily we did not have enough time to try it.

Finally arrived in the Hotel “AKS Hinitsa Bay” we enjoyed the view on the private beach and on a little private island named Chenesar Island.

Initially we wanted to enjoy the hotel, just chill a little bit and tan next to the pool with a cocktail but we could not resist to the adventure of visiting the close island of Spetses. With a water taxi from the hotel beach in 4 minutes, we arrived at Spetses.


The island is animated full of cafés and little shops. Most of the people uses quads and scooters to move, because of the tiny streets. Of course, we get lost in the streets labyrinth. The cats who rest in every single corner of the village stared at us like “Some lost strangers again…”

Renting a quad at the port you can visit the entire Island in less than two hours, stop in the little wild beaches, and feel the most relaxing experience of your life. For those of you who prefer a more glamorous spot there is the gorgeous Καΐκι Beach Club right outside the village , with live DJ and comfy sofas right on the sand.

Sadly, our holiday was a fast one we did not have the time to visit much more; we just took our time to relax. I am sure that one day I will go back to Spetses a felt deeply in love for this little and not so known island.


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