The Fish in the Cartoccio


I can consider that in my family we are some proper fish addicted. There is a generational competition on almost all the basics aliments in Tuscany: wine, virgin oil, meat and something incredible fish. During the years, you have the impression that all the members of the family pass their time searching for the one and only fishmonger of the town who has the freshest fish. That’s why everyone who prepares the fish will be submitted at an attentive exam of what she/he have bought. If you pretend to cook fish in my family, you surly have to be prepared.

I have a personal preference for simple recipe and the Fish in the Cartoccio is one of my favourites.

The idea is to cook your fish inside of the aluminium that you usually use. The most important part in this recipe are the ingredients you put inside of your Cartoccio. Those ingredients will add to your fish the right texture and savour.

Let’s start:


  • Fish (Sea bream)
  • Rosemary
  • Lemon
  • Tomatoes
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper


You can choose all kind of fish you desire. I chose a Sea bream because of the taste of this kind of fish and because it was fresh. You should always choose seasonal fish they test better and are fresher than the others are.

(To make it easier ask to the fishmonger to clean your fish, is not difficult but it’s better like that you don’t have to clean all the kitchen after.)

Set the pan with one piece of backing paper to protect it. Then place two large pieces of aluminium paper on the pan and just deploy the fish on it.


Start by putting some salt, pepper and oil.  Then you can cut the lemons and put at list two slices inside of the fish and one between the head and the body ( you don’t have to, it’s just an artistic tip)

If you want extra savour, you can squeeze some lemon juice on your fish.

Now you can add all the species you want. I prefer Mediterranean spices, simple and tasty, is perfect for this kind of recipes.

I put some rosemary inside of the fish and around it. Then add some tomatoes or potatoes* or both if you want.

Close the two aluminium sheets on the fish, in that way the fish during the cooking will be surrounded by all the flavours you have put inside.

I usually cook my Cartoccio for 40 minutes. As all you know the time depends on the fish size and on you oven, so if you have a powerful oven (what a luck) you can cook a middle size fish in 30 minutes.

*I will suggest boiling them a little bit before put them next to the fish like this they will be perfectly cooked.

Hope you enjoy these Cartoccio experience


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