Discovering Sevilla : My Top 5

I have been many times to Spain. As most of European countries, the more you visit them the more you discover new things. This time I have been to Seville. This town is well known for his flamenco tradition, his Moorish ancestry and his feria (a festival with dances, games and of course Corrida). Apparently, during the feria every woman, girl and little girl dresses up as a sevillana. The sevillana is a dancer of sevillana flamenco, one of the most difficult and fascinating one. I suggest visiting the town during this amazing festival.

I have not spent a lot of time in Sevilla just four days but still I have had the occasion to visiting a lot.

Here you can find my top 4 favourites places in Seville….So let’s staaart.


I love visit ancient Churches and Cathedrals, they are all different and gorgeous. Particularly gothic architecture is one of my favourite. I literally felt in love for Seville’s Cathedral. The biggest gothic style cathedral in Europe. Entering inside you can not hold a “wow” of surprise seeing how huge is it. On the back of the Church a big cloister with beautiful fountains and orange trees.


If you want to visit this place, you have to count a day to discover it. The Alcazar is the royal palace of Seville (still used today). If you know a little bit of Spainsh history, you’ll already know how much the Arab invasion have influenced their architecture. One of the most representative architectures, symbol of this influence, is the Alambra of Granada. Still the Real Alcazar has nothing to envy to the Alambra. If the palace can be considered relatively little, the gardens are immense. You’ll pass the day staring at all the minimum details and discovering how was the life during the Arab kingdom. I have to underlain that, every King who have lived in the Palace have influenced his architecture and the gardens are a clear evidence of this. Little tip there is a beautiful Café full of peacocks where you can rest and have rest.


I am an art passionate, so when I get into a museum, it’s tragic how much time I can pass inside.  I have spent an all morning this one, between the architecture of the museum itself and all the important pieces they expose. It is a real must do if you want to discover more of the Spanish art.


This square really is astonishing. The incredible architecture and the little artificial river they created just in the middle are lovely to see and take some photos. Even if it seems ancient is a pretty recent work from 1929. Still it caches all the magic of Moorish and Spanish architecture. If you want, you can take a boat and visit the Placa from the river. The colours and the reflection of the water on the structure make these place one of the most incredible of Sevilla.


The town of Cadiz is just one hour and a half far from Sevilla and is easily reachable by train. If you want to have a break and enjoy a day chilling on the beach, this is the place for you. Leaving in the morning you can easily visit the village; eat by the sea staring at the marvelous Cathedral de la Santa Cruz. Cadiz is a popular holiday destination area so you can stop there for some days and enjoy more. Sadly I only had one day to visit but still I can tell is a must do.

Well those are my favourite places in Sevilla, what I can suggest is just to walk and get lost. Sometimes is better a little bit of adventure without planning anything for once.



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  1. lincolnlifesite says:

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    1. pricilas says:

      Thank you very much for reposting my article. I am very happy you enjoyed it 🙂

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      1. lincolnlifesite says:

        your welcome, i hope I read many more.

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  2. Assia Shahin says:

    Ahh Siviglia! Ci sono stata anni fa e mi piacque tanto. Grazie per il post ❤

    Journal by Assia

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    1. pricilas says:

      Vero che è veramente una bella città, mi sarebbe piaciuto starci di più. Grazie :*


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