A Break at Home

I can be considered a homebody; I really enjoy staying at home. Maybe is because my zodiac sign is Taurus?! I don-t know but staying at home, I can enjoy different hobbies.  Recently I introduced myself to some chill videos about having a relaxing space to recharge your energies in a better way.

I decided to share my enjoyment with you all, because in the rush of our routines we always forget to stop and enjoy little things in life.

The idea of being happy with little is something that really helps me to deal with the difficult and stressing periods. I hope that my tips can help you all.


Yes, is surprising that this activity can be part of my list. There are different ways of cleaning. Some of us usually clean deeply when friends or family are visiting. The stress that comes from the idea of someone seeing our messy home is worse than the actual cleaning. To overcome this I decided to clean in my free time, is less stressing, you do not have to look at the clock every five minutes afraid of running out of time. Once your house is clean and smells good even your stress will be released and a feeling of accomplishment will grow in you.


There is nothing better than a cup of tea during winter. You can just sit on your sofa under a blanket and enjoy your tea reflecting on things you want to do. If is summer you can have a cold tea, but I actually suggest:  lemonade, it’s a classic: easy to make, refreshing and no one can resist the light smell of lemons in summer. Dinking something you enjoy, doing nothing in particular is really relaxing.


I really enjoy magazines; they could be about anything: gardening, fashion, travel, politics, golf etc. I am a curious person; I find interest in many different things. I think that even if we have internet is enjoyable to have a magazine to leaf through and discover new things. Most of the time I put them in a corner, once I have read it. When I was little my mother used to have plenty of pages about recipes that she may “one day” cook. Taking inspiration from her idea is amusing to take your old magazines, cut the articles or pages of your interest and create a book of things that you enjoy and can look at when bored.


When we start to learn a language, we enter in a new culture. From someone who really hated those grammar exercises we all went through during school, I needed a way to learn languages that would lure my attention. When I start learning a language I want automatically to know the culture of the country, I want to know: the history, the important traditions they follow or just simply how people live. That is why; when you are t home and you don’t have much to do, learning a new language could be a good idea to broaden your knowledge.


Leaving as an expat, you tend to miss your family and old friends. If you do not really enjoy spending time alone and enjoy chitchatting is a good idea to draw up a list of people that you have not heard in a long time and just call them. Nowadays we are used to texting but isn’t it more enjoyable to hear the voice of the people close to us? We all have some family friends that we don’t hear much and that may not be used to “whatsapping” because of their age. Enjoy a conversation with someone that you admire, you will feel relaxed after the exchange.


As a bonus, I will like to suggest to you to watch Haegreendal videos on YouTube. She is a South Korean illustrator and my personal guru when it comes to organize my time wisely and find happiness daily.

Instagram: sangmi.like

You Tube:   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCazay-C-shtEEUO78ObKGJg

This are five things you can do while staying at home. They are not big activities but enjoying little things is the first step to a more relaxing day-to-day life.


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  1. Chocoviv says:

    Cleaning is stressful for me because I live with a critic who constantly says that I am doing it wrong….

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    1. Pricila's says:

      Thank you very much for your comment, it made me deeply reflect. Surely being a wife and/or a mother is the hardest of Works. What can be helpful is always having some me-time and a little space for ourselves as women, as teaches Virginia Woolf in her empowering novel: “ A Room of One’s Own”. It is enjoyable when our little personal space is well organized; it can be our desk (if we work from home), it can be our wardrobe etc. As a content creator, (by the way your blog is really great) it may be the place where you write your amazing posts; going back to write in your personal organized space can maybe bring a bit more of relax. I hope I have been of some help, have a lovely day. P.

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      1. Chocoviv says:

        I agree! I have voiced out that I need more support at home as I work outside and inside the home. I am like a treasure chest for the whole family…. from health to beauty. Everyone knows that if you need something, ask me and I usually have the supplies. I tend to function in disorganized chaos lol…..It actually doesn’t really bother me that much. It’s the fact that my partner is so worried about what others think that drives me mad…. hence, i made it clear that I will not do it all…. the children must help out and they do… slowly but surely.:)

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      2. Pricila's says:

        Wow you’re the center of your family that’s really touching and I think you’re doing an amazing job educating your children’s, everyone must help a little bit, that’s a great message ♥️

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      3. Chocoviv says:

        Thank you:)… it’s not easy


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