Favignana Island: Bath like an Ancient Roman

I really enjoy spending my summer holidays at the seaside. I am the kind of person that enjoys a relaxing holiday. In those warm summer days, there is nothing better than spending the time on a sun bed working on that gold tan.

Why am I writing a summerish post in winter? Well because it is winter!  Is the moment when, we people who love the summer season suffer the most. Naturally, in this situation of cold and rainy days, memories from our last warm holiday rises naturally.

I spent my last summer holiday in Sicily, precisely in Trapani. I will tell you all of my tips for a wonderful stay in Trapani in a next post. This time I will tell you about a place that we discovered by chance in the wonderful island of Favignana.

The island its self is popular, it can be considered the Capri of Sicily. The place I discovered is surely stylish but at the same time laid back.

I am speaking about the Romans Pools Lido. At a walking distance from the historical centre town, in a short walk facing the crystalline sea that touches with astonishing clear rocks.  You will end at a small lido where you will lose track of the time.

A gorgeous scenery beautiful pools created by the sea in an old tuff cave. It is amazingly surprising how the natural elements complement each other.

The tuff cave is a heritage of the Roman settlement in the island of Favignana after the Punic war. The Egadi archipelago was indeed the background of the defeat of the Carthaginian army.

The beach club is well organized. They have a beautiful restaurant and the staff is fresh and friendly. The umbrellas invites you to relax and enjoy the sea smell while tanning.

The pools are incredible; thanks to the sea, small sea animals find a home in the clear tuff rocks. The sun keeps the temperature in the pools warm but because the sea is wide open in front, there is a constant change of water maintaining it at enjoyable temperature.  

A tip I must give you to enjoy this place fully is to buy some water shoes, you can find them for a cheap price. With the shoes, you can safely reach the sea and enter by jumping in an incredible deep aquamarine pool. This place is paradise for those of you that enjoy snorkelling. If you are more on the relax style you can relax in the small ponds that surround the main entrance at sea.

The beautiful lido adds a chill vibe by playing relaxing music directly on the beach. You are immediately lost in this peculiar place. 

If you are more the party type you can enjoy the happy hour time by staring at the beautiful sunset that colours the natural pools of a deep red, yellow and pink. At night, you may enjoy the amazing parties the lido organizes on the beach.


Lungomare Duilio, 91023 Favignana TP, Italia,

+39 49 544 5135


FB : https://www.facebook.com/lepiscineromanelidofavignana/

INSTAGRAM : @lepiscineromane_favignana


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