Notre-Dame Sector : A peaceful Neighbourhood Escape

I love Paris in spring the town seams even more beautiful with the sun. I enjoy spending time in my district or as French call them arrondissement. I usually do not enjoy going too far and take the underground and co. I feel lucky to live in a nice neighbourhood.

What is nice about Paris and big cities is that you can live in the same arrondissement for years and you will still find new secret places. It keeps your sense of discovery active and helps you get out of the routine.

It was a beautiful sunny morning not to warm nor cold. With my mother, we decided to go in a little walk in Notre- Dame Sector.

Is always full of tourists and groups, even after the big incident that destroyed the roof of the Cathedral, people still catch how beautiful Notre – Dame is. Our favourite family walk was going to the gardens that surround the Church always full of beautiful flowers. We really hope everything will go back to even better than before.

Continuing our stroll chitchatting about our projects and enjoying the sun, we decide to have a look at the concert program of a Church called Saint- Julien – le- Pauvre (not far from the Shakespeare & Co Library).

While looking at the programs we spot the cutest coffee place in the area. In full sunlight, there was the Odette Café that sells “choux” a French dessert similar to cream puffs.

The aesthetics of the shop is gorgeous, truly Parisian style: delicate pink flowers, natural juices and an amazing tower of choux. Everything is organised with attention to the detail and the staff is super polite (that in Paris is not really common sadly).

By sitting on the small tables outside, you can enjoy a different view on Notre- Dame, far from the crowd and sipping on a coffee or tea.

The choux, that are the speciality of the shop, are as tasteful as they look you can choose the flavour you prefer, there a lot of options for all the tastes. The sweetness of these desserts marry perfectly with the dark coffee.

We spent an hour enjoying the sun. Is a chic and romantic place that makes it equally adapt for a couple date or a tea with your friends after your long walks visiting Notre- Dame surroundings.


77 Rue Galande, 75005 Paris

01 43 26 13 06

This Post was created before the recent Pandemic sad events. Pricila’s World would like to send our warmest thoughts to those who are suffering in this moment, around the world. United we can..


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